“Wick’s is simply the perfect neighbourhood cafe!  Such friendly staff, always full of smiles and great conversation.  I feel at home and happy every day when I come for my afternoon coffee. Thanks for the happy boost each day guys!”

Krystal C.


"Don't tell my boss, but I basically come to work so I can get to Wick's for Rice Krispie squares and great coffee."



“Wick’s is a friendly local cafe with charming staff who take an interest in their customers.  We’re here most afternoons and Saturday mornings for coffee and a snack. This is where we meet friends and chat!”

The Marpole Gang


"Chill vibe. Friendly staff. Good coffee."



"What I love about Wicks?

  • Friendly Staff
  • Best Coffee
  • Great Food
  • Always Clean
  • A Meeting Place to sit and chat!  Two years ago I moved across town to New West, but I still come back every week!"

Milly P.